Want to be listed on the Directory?

The South African Food and Wine Blogger Directory was created with the aim of providing a comprehensive catalogue of all the talent available on South African food and wine blogs.  Although I regularly scan the web for new South African food and wine blogs, it’s not possible for me to track them all down, so if you think you qualify and you do not yet appear on the directory, here’s how you can get listed. 

The criteria for listing are simple – your blog does not have to be fancy or famous:

1.  The blog must be predominantly about food or wine.

2.  The blog must either be based in South Africa, written by a South African abroad, or in exceptional cases, exclusively about South African food or wine but written by a foreigner.

3.  The blog must have been in existence for at least two months AND must contain a minimum of 20 posts.  (These requirements are to prevent the admin hassle of having to find and list every person who puts up a single post saying “Welcome to my new food blog!”, but then loses interest and never blogs again.) 

If you comply with these criteria, submit your details to me and I will look at adding you to the Directory.

Once your blog is listed:

1.  Please help to spread the word about the Directory by placing a badge and a link on the sidebar of your blog.  The code you need for the badge is as follows:

<a href=”http://cooksister.typepad.com/sa_food_and_wine”><img src=’http://cooksister.typepad.com/.a/6a00d83451960b69e200e5534b6a988833-pi&#8217; width=”150″ height=”150″ alt=”The South African Food and Wine Blogger Directory” /></a>

2.  I will send you a short optional questionnaire about yourself and your blog.  If you choose to complete this, I will use the info to spotlight your blog on the Directory site.  I will profile a new blog every Monday until I run out of blogs, and I will notify you when your profile has gone live.

3.  If you have not posted anything in three months, I reserve the right to delete the blog from the Directory.

If you have any questions, ideas for the Directory or suggestions for posts, please e-mail me for a chat – don’t be a stranger 🙂

About Cooksister

Food & travel writer, photographer, blogger, recipe writer and speaker. South African by birth, Londoner by choice.
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