Spotlight on Mint Tea and Tagines

MintTeaTagine copy I always maintain that expats have an unusually high affinity for blogging – which is great because as an expat you find it easy to come across like minded people in the blogosphere that share your viewpoint from the outside of your country looking in.  And this affinity is definitely increased when the blogger in question is a fellow South African!  But this is not the only reason why I fell instantly in love with Mint Tea and Tagines, written by South African expat Wendy in Morocco.  Where to start… it might have been the lovely writing style, the beautiful photos affording us a glimpse into a foreign world, or the drop-dead delicious recipes.  Or a combination of all three!  Let's hear what Wendy has to say for herself.

1.  Where are you – in South Africa or out in the wide world?

We have been living in Morocco since March 2008

2. How long have you been blogging?

5 months

3. What do you enjoy the most about food or wine blogging?

It is such an exciting adventure to live in Morocco, so it is nice to share experiences with people who (I hope) appreciate the food aspects of a country like this. It is also interesting to read what other people enjoy and there are some really good recipes you pick up along the way. I really enjoy taking photos as well so it is a good place to share this.

4. Any downsides or frustrations?

None as yet

5. What or who are your inspirations to cook, drink and write?

It would definitely have to be the places I have travelled to and live in. I love the experience of being in a new country, tasting what locals eat, going into supermarkets and little shops to see what there is for sale… Morocco is great as you can really be inspired by seasonal fruit and veg, what's available for that day in the market and sometimes whatever someone has kindly given you as a gift. Spain is my other love at the moment and being just a ferry ride away is definitely beneficial!

6. Where and when do you like to blog?

I fear I am becoming a bit of a blogaholic, so pretty much whenever I get the chance! I do like to try and get as much in when the kids are still sleeping in the mornings, or later at night.

7. What's your signature dish or favourite wine?

I cant say my signature dish, but something I do rather well (if I have to say so myself) is my homemade ravioli.

8.  What other food or wine blogs do you read?

I keep track of the Food24 blogs, as well as a couple of others that I sort of migrate to via sites like Cooksister! I also like Foodbuzz as there are loads of really good blogs on there.

9.  Favourite restaurant?

One of the most memorable I have ever been to would be a tiny restaurant called Pique Nique in the back streets of Beira, Mozambique…the best seafood ever!

10.  For my last meal on this planet I would order.

Butternut Ravioli in Sage Butter Sauce

Lamb Mechoui with roast potatoes

Asparagus for veg 

Some French and Italian Cheeses 

Lindt Dark Chocolate

Mint Tea

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Food & travel writer, photographer, blogger, recipe writer and speaker. South African by birth, Londoner by choice.
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1 Response to Spotlight on Mint Tea and Tagines

  1. browniegirl says:

    Fabulous!!! I adore Mint Tea & Tagine myself and never miss visiting her blog…Lovely lady, big heart, beautiful family. Ooh please can I join you Wendy for your last meal????? LOL!! Im making that meshoui lamb very very soon….maybe Easter! xxx

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