Spotlight on What’s Cooking/Wat Eet Ons?

WhatsCooking It's always said that despite the fact that it's mostly women who do the cooking, all the greatest chefs are men.  Well, in blogging there appears to be some sort of role reversal.  Although male bloggers substantially outnumber female bloggers, the vast majority of food bloggers are female.  So I am always pleasantly surprised when a male food blogger gets in touch.  And Barry Gerber does not only have one food blog but two – What's Cooking?  is his English blog and Wat Eet Ons?  is his Afrikaans blog – so you could say he is doing more than his fair share to even the numbers out ;-)  Let's get to know him a little better.

1.Where are you – in South Africa or out in the wide world? 

Bellville (Cape Town) South Africa

2. How long have you been blogging? 

On my Afrikaans blog almost a year, and on the English one 4 months

3. What do you enjoy the most about food or wine blogging?  

The interaction with readers, and being read

4. Any downsides or frustrations? 

Not being read, or sometimes you think this is your best post ever, end you get no comments

5. What or who are your inspirations to cook, drink and write?  

I always enjoyed cooking, but my celebrity chef hero was Floyd

6. Where and when do you like to blog?  

Late nights at home, or early morning in the office

7. What's your signature dish or favourite wine?  

Braaied Lamb chops (crispy fat and medium inside)

8. What other food or wine blogs do you read?  

Everything that I can find

9. Favourite restaurant?  

Don’t really have one, use to be Wijnhuis at Bloemhof before the changes

10. For my last meal on this planet I would order… 

Sorry SASSI, but a braaied galjoen definitely

About Cooksister

Food & travel writer, photographer, blogger, recipe writer and speaker. South African by birth, Londoner by choice.
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