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SimplyDelicious If you've ever heard me speaking at blogging conferences, you will know my strong feelings about including the words "musings" or "ramblings" in your blog title or strapline.  You know the ones: "Jane Doe's Little Kitchen – musings and incoherent ramblings on food and other things I like".  Do we care?  Should we care??  Aaargh. Which is what made it all the more refreshing when I discovered Alida's blog, the very directly titled Simply Delicious last year.  You dont have to worry about whether you will be mused at or rambled at here.  On the contrary, Alida has a knack for posting recipes that do what they say on the tin:  they are simple and they are delicious, as are her photos. Let's hear what she has to say: 

1. Where are you – in South Africa or out in the wide world?

I live and blog in Pretoria, South Africa.

2. How long have you been blogging?

Since October 2009. It started as a way for me to give my family and friends my recipes, and is now turning into a possible job! 🙂

3. What do you enjoy the most about food or wine blogging?

I think I enjoy reading other people's blogs the most. As well as getting the comments about my recipes and photography. It's really great to see people trying your recipes and really loving them.

4. Any downsides or frustrations?

None whatsoever. I see blogging as an escape from my sometimes hectic life. (I have baby twins!!)

5. What or who are your inspirations to cook, drink and write?

Raw ingredients, spices, garlic, cheese, Nigella, Nigel Slater, My kids and my family.

6. Where and when do you like to blog?

I read blogs all day long but I mostly write blog entries in the morning after I put the twins down for a nap. I blog in our study.

7. What’s your signature dish or favourite wine?

I don't really have a signature dish yet. My family and friends rave over my Risotto's and Curries and I think my Seafood Potjie is also pretty good. I don't really drink wine (shocker I know) and what's even more shocking is that I like cheap, sweet wine. I'm more of a Caiparinha's person.

8. What other food or wine blogs do you read?

My Easy Cooking, The Creative Pot, Sardines on Toast , Drizzle and Dip, and Jan Tripepi.

9. Favourite restaurant?

Oh Wow I have so many. Saint Verde Cafe in Fourways, Pachas and Cynthia's in Pretoria, Kream and World of Samoosas in the Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg

10. For my last meal on this planet I would order…

It would be a week long feast 🙂 I would have Prawns smothered in chilli sauce and garlic butter, Butternut Risotto, Prawn Curry, Lamb Korma, Bovril on Toast (comfort food my mom used to make me with a sweet cup of tea), Saint Verde Cafe's Eggs Benedict, Gorgonzola Gnocci, Creme Brulee, Waffles with Cream, Ice cream and syrup and I would finish the meal with chocolate mousse. Can you tell I'm a food addict?

About Cooksister

Food & travel writer, photographer, blogger, recipe writer and speaker. South African by birth, Londoner by choice.
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1 Response to Spotlight on Simply Delicious

  1. Veronica says:

    Hi. I stmbled upon this link on a fellow South African’s Blog Just me Shell and am thrilled and delighted to find all this yumminess and local to boot. I am new to blogging and have just been at it since May, but having a great time. I will be sure to check out all the listed blogs. there is so much inspiration here I am going to be busy for a while. Great to meet you.

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